Charli XCX tapped for remix of Bladee and Mechatok’s Drama

Courtesy of PR

The original track first appeared on Bladee and Mechatok’s collaborative project Good Luck.

Charli XCX has jumped aboard a new remix of Bladee and Mechatok’s 2020 single Drama, lifted from the pair’s Good Luck project for Swedish label YEAR0001. Charli’s Drama remix follows a string of other reimaginations from the likes of Evian Christ, Salem and Oklou, who took on tracks God, Grace and Rainbow respectively. All four remixes are taken from a forthcoming deluxe album edition of Good Luck, which will also feature a selection of other remixes as well as an original unreleased track.

Drain Gang founder Bladee discussed the euphoric new remix, a shared love for autotune, A.G. Cook and more in a new conversation with Charli published by Interview Magazine. On Drama, Charli says: “When I heard that song, I just immediately went to it and I really loved the lyrics. It kind of reminded me a little bit, tonally, of your song Mean Girls.” [sic]

“When I heard both of those songs, but particularly Drama, I had this vision of this person that you’re talking about. I could just see this person in a club being kind of bitchy. I feel like I’m not really like that in a relationship, but I really like relationships that are like that because it just seems really psycho.” [sic]

“I’m not super into genres,” says Bladee when asked about his opinion on hyperpop. “Especially when it’s a small genre like that, it’s limiting people to only having one sound and not experimenting more. I think it’s cool that there are new types of music coming. I think that’s super important and valuable. But personally, I’m not super into the hyperpop. I don’t really know exactly what it is. I think if they would just call it pop, it would be much better.”

Back in March, Charli formed a new “supergroup” with The 1975 and No Rome.  Elsewhere, her quarantine documentary Alone Together had its world premiere at SXSW.

Listen to the new remix below and revisit the Charli XCX cover story.