Ginevra Nervi turns to nature in new video for track Gaslighting

We’re premiering the Italian composer’s new music video exclusively on Crack Magazine.

Ginevra Nervi is a Genova-born composer, producer and songwriter. Her work is typically split into two areas: solo projects within the realms of electronic music, through which she experiments with ways to utilise vocals in her compositions. On the flip, she can be found working as a composer for films, shorts and documentaries, plus as an original songwriter for TV shows commissioned by Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

Currently, she’s in full solo artist mode as she prepares to release her new EP Klastós. Across the four-track release, Nervi ruminates on themes such as “a highly individualistic, intensely competitive society” while also examining human nature, behaviours and conditions such as narcissistic personality disorder. Ahead of its release, she’s sharing a new music video for her latest single Gaslighting. The track is the second to be lifted from the EP.

Nervi’s new still life video comes from Italian crew Sans Film. The main character, a magmatic rock, represents the materialisation of the evil creeping in everyone’s inner self,” the Sans Film team tell Crack Magazine over email. “Initially, the spectator perceives the picture of a beautiful and harmless object: a dark black rock floating in an idyllic scenario right in front of the viewer. Gradually, it becomes apparent that the rock’s nature is to seduce the viewer by fostering the deepest layer of her consciousness. As viewers, we are witnessing the overturn of the whole perspective. Gaslighting is persuasion, a lie.”

Watch the new Gaslighting video in the player above. You can pre-order Nervi’s Klastós EP here ahead of its release on 23 April.