Róisín Murphy to release Crooked Machine remix album

The new album sees Crooked Man, aka DJ Parrot, remixing songs from Murphy’s 2020 LP Róisín Machine.

Róisín Murphy has today (7 April) announced a new remix album. Crooked Machine sees Murphy handing the reins over to Sheffield-based producer Crooked Man, aka DJ Parrot. Across the new album, Murphy’s long-time collaborator reimagines tracks from her Róisín Machine LP. The project leads with new single Assimilation. Tune in below.

According to a statement, Murphy’s critically revered Róisín Machine LP was the “culmination of a rich and long-standing partnership between Murphy and one of her most trusted collaborators,  DJ Parrot. During the alchemy of its creation several versions of each song would brew – all different, all brilliant,” the statement continues, “so the idea of Parrot doing his own version of the LP was always on the cards.”

“Parrot doesn’t try to be ‘cool’, I reckon that’s the last thing on his mind. He makes music with a real sense of responsibility to the craft. He just cannot make rubbish music, he’d be too ashamed. So everything he is and everything he has learned, is put into everything he does,” explains Murphy. “I think Crooked Machine is one of his greatest achievements so far. I left him and Fat Dave to their own devices on this and they have outdone themselves! I absolutely love it!! I think I prefer it to the original album, slightly less me and all the more ‘cool’ for it!” 

Róisín Machine was Murphy’s fifth solo studio album. It was released in October 2020.  In our Róisín Machine review, we wrote, “With four solo albums under her belt and another four as half of trip-hop duo Moloko, Róisín Murphy returns to the exuberance of her earlier work.”

Crooked Machine will be available digitally on 30 April, with a vinyl release lined up for 12 June, aka Record Store Day 2021. Pre-order here and revisit Murphy’s Crack Mix below.