Shygirl stars in Burberry’s AW21 womenswear presentation

Shygirl Burberry

Burberry has released its AW21 womenswear presentation, and the intro stars Shygirl.

Dressed in a nude-coloured bodysuit and filmed against a dimly-lit setting, Shygirl narrates the introduction to the presentation. Ricardo Tisci’s latest collection is themed around femininity. “This presentation is a love letter to women and a celebration of their incomparable strength,” he says.

“I wanted this collection to feel truly emblematic of the power of feminine energy: a modern armour that captures its characteristic fierce aura. There’s an underlying attitude to the collection that’s very British; of being unique, eccentric and totally authentic in how you express yourself.”

The collection is also described as a “return to the animal kingdom”. The intersection of these themes is portrayed through colour block and animal prints. There’s reconstructed faux mink and shearling duffle coats, along with faux fur tassels and pelt fringing that crops up throughout the collection.

Amnesia Scanner’s Ville Haimala created the soundtrack, which includes music by Kamixlo, Toxe and Kablam. Watch the full video below.