MCQ teams up with Deb Never and Ewen Spencer for latest collection

MCQ has launched a new collection, and announced its latest roster of creatives.

MCQ, an offshoot from fashion brand Alexander McQueen, has announced its new collection EDEN HIGH, today (4 May). Working with six-month periods instead of seasons, MCQ launches a minimum of three collections – known as icons – per cycle. EDEN HIGH marks the brand’s sixth icon, and it features varsity jackets, uniformly pleats, embroidered hoodies, sweatpants and more. The theme for EDEN HIGH is high school nostalgia subverted with teenage disaffection.

For this particular icon, MCQ has teamed up with 3D designer Albert Omoss and visual artist Natalia Podgorska – who’s previously collaborated with object blue – for colourful and distorted prints. The brand has also collaborated with Deb Never and Ewen Spencer.

Each garment includes a tag with the name of the icon it belongs to. Inside each tag is a NFC chip and there’s instructions for buyers on how to make an account on the brand’s site, and add to their own MCQ digital collection. If you’ve got a tag, head here to login.

Check out images of the new icon below.