Joy Orbison announces debut mixtape still slipping vol. 1

© Rosie Marks

The 14-track “soul record” features James Massiah, Tyson and Herron.

Joy Orbison is releasing his debut mixtape next month via XL Recordings. Entitled still slipping vol. 1, it marks Joy O’s – aka Peter O’Grady’s – first full-length project to date, following years of EPs, cult favourite tracks (Hyph Mngo, Ellipsis, GR Etiquette) and other ventures such as his label Hinge Finger or curated radio station Still Slipping: Los Santos, which is housed within the Grand Theft Auto universe. The new release shares its name with the latter project, as well as his 2019 EP Slipping

still slipping vol. 1 features artists such as Herron, James Massiah and Tyson. It’s also a largely personal affair, what with the inclusion of O’Grady’s own family. His mum, dad, sister, uncles, auntie and cousins feature across the record via voice notes recorded during lockdown. His cousin Leighann, who was the first to introduce the DJ and producer to drum’n’bass and UKG, stars on the mixtape’s cover. The tape was recorded at O’Grady’s studio in south east London. 

“I’ve been working on the idea of a mixtape for a while now. I’d never really wanted to make an album, but the way I’ve been making and listening to music has changed a lot over the last few years and it doesn’t always make sense on a single or EP,” says O’Grady in a statement. “I also had this realisation that I wish my records were better suited to soundtracking people’s bus journeys but so far I’ve only really given you enough music to get half way up Walworth Road.”

“I’ve made a point of making this record feel really human, light-hearted and humorous in places too so that the weirder bits of the record don’t seem too wanky or self-indulgent,” he continues. “There’s so much electronic music that I love but I never really connected to the space age, distant land of whoever your graphic designer is presentation of it all – so hopefully this feels a bit more personal. There’s a load of voice notes from family members in there too, pretty much my only contact with them over lockdown.”

The producer later describes the mixtape as a “soul record” but admits that he’s “not sure that’s how people will hear it.” He also praises his cousin Leighann and states that he wouldn’t be doing what he does today if it weren’t for her. He goes onto thank all those involved in the project, while also discussing its Rosie Marks-shot cover art. “It reminds me of a sample I wanted to nick from a Potter Payper interview that pretty much sums up my career,” he explains, “‘You never know what a kind word could do for someone’.”

O’Grady will celebrate the release of still slipping vol. 1 with a new collaboration with friends and frequent collaborators Cav Empt, aka the Tokyo-based clothing label and crew who’ve tapped O’Grady for projects in the past. Together, they’ve created a range of still slipping, vol. 1 merch, with t-shirts and socks on offer. 

still slipping Vol. 1 is slated for release on 13 August. There won’t be any music released in advance, however you can pre-order the mixtape and accompanying merch here.