PAN and Hakuna Kulala unveil new collaborative project KIKOMMANDO

Artists like STILL, Ecko Bazz, Swordman Katala and Blaq Bandana are involved in the multidisciplinary release, which consists of a mixtape, video series and book.

Hakuna Kulala and Bill Kouligas’ PAN imprint have collaborated on a cross-disciplinary project entitled KIKOMMANDO. The release is comprised of a 12-track digital mixtape produced by PAN mainstay STILL, which features the likes of Blaq Bandana, Ecko Bazz, Biga Yut, Florence, Winnie Lado, Swordman Kitala and Jahcity. A series of accompanying music videos have also been created as part of the project, alongside a new photography book. KIKOMMANDO, which takes its name from the Ugandan street food dish of flat bread and beans, is slated for release on 6 August.

The collaboration came together back in 2018 while STILL – real name Simone Trabucchi – was in Kampala for a two-month residency at the Nyege Nyege villa. “The intention was to record as much as possible,” said Trabucchi in a statement. “It was a dialogue. Working together accelerates ideas and reveals that nothing is your invention alone. That’s why KIKOMMANDO is a mixtape to me, and not an album.”

The release leads with a new track entitled Ntabala (Rolex Riddim) from STILL and Ecko Bazz.Ntabala was written in a moment where I was trying to listen to the voice inside myself and wanted to achieve a higher level of understanding of things, life,” says Ecko Bazz. “I also got inspired by STILL. He actually encouraged me to listen to that voice.”

Watch the Ntabala (Rolex Riddim) visual in the player above and pre-order KIKOMMANDO here.