You can now make music using Holly Herndon’s AI deepfake tool

Holly Herndon ph. Jelmer de Haas le guess who 2019

The musician has created a “digital twin” called Holly+.

Holly Herndon has collaborated with AI music startup Never Before Heard Sounds to create an AI instrument, or “digital twin”, called Holly+. The instrument allows users to create music with Herndon’s voice. Users can upload files to the website and the AI technology will attempt to recreate it using machine learning.

The website states: “Voice Models, in combination with machine learning technology, already allow for anyone to clone a voice to generate music and media, and the opportunities and complications inherent to these techniques will only intensify!”

Furthermore, the intellectual property of recreated compositions will be governed by a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO). Profits made from the commercial usage of Holly+ will be used to fund the creation of a new tool, which the DAO will vote on. Approved works will be sold at a Zora house auction.

“This development raises novel questions about voice ownership that I think can be addressed by DAO governance,” Herndon says. “I plan to decentralise access, decision making and profits made from my digital twin, Holly+. Profits made from the commercial usage of my digital likeness will be ingested by the DAO, who are able to vote on new tool creation, and approve official usage of my twin, Holly+.”

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