Charlie Bones’ new radio venture officially launching on 25 October

via @doyoubabyyy/Instagram

The London-based DJ and broadcaster took to the airwaves today (15 October) for the first “test transmission”.

Charlie Bones will launch his new radio station on Monday, 25 October. The former NTS breakfast show host announced the new venture on 6 October. Taking to his website, he unveiled the DO!!You!!!World project – which he described as a “family affair supported directly by you” – and called on listeners for support through merch purchases and donations. 

Bones has since raised the necessary funds to launch the project, with the first “test transmission” taking place earlier today (15 October). Much like his former NTS morning slot, the show ran from 9am to midday (BST). While on air, he announced the official launch date for the station, while also confirming the return of much-loved Do!! You!!! Breakfast Show segments such as Jukebox and Reader’s WAVs. 

The broadcaster stepped down from NTS live on air on 20 August, citing personal circumstances and a need to “draw a line in the sand” with the station.

At the time, NTS tweeted that his departure was “as much a shock to us as it was to all of you”.