Download Ross From Friends’ free audio tool and 50GB of samples

Thresho was created during the making of recent album Tread.

UK dance producer Ross From Friends has given away a customisable audio tool and over 2,000 recordings from his own studio.

Thresho is an “ever-expanding sound bank” which the UK dance producer designed while making his latest album Tread, which came out on Brainfeeder in October.

Designed for use in Max for Live, the Ableton platform for building your own instruments and effects, Thresho records up to four stereo audio inputs automatically based on a customisable decibel threshold.

Once the audio input hits the defined threshold, Thresho starts recording; as soon as it drops below the threshold, it stops. “If I just stood up and mashed some keys on the synth right now, it’d record exactly what I just did,” he explained on Instagram. “Once it’s done it puts the recording, timestamped, into a folder so I [can] access it later.”

While he was making the album, Thresho automatically created an “audio diary of everything he did in the studio. “Thresho turned my creative process on its head,” he added. “It allowed me the freedom to experiment without having to think about what the sound I’m developing might become.”

Approximately 2,000 recordings are now available to download from Thresho, but the producer has omitted any recordings that ended up on Tread, which he says have “already found their purpose.”

He’s inviting other producers to upload their own interpretations of the recordings to Thresho and tag him in Stories, with the promise of gifts to all those who get reposted.

Check out Tread track ‘The Daisy’, which has a music video directed by Rudá Santos as part of Crack’s Three Minutes incubator scheme for young directors.