New Arca artwork to be broadcast on billboards worldwide on New Year’s Day

© Circa

The KICK artist’s latest work, dubbed Untitled, was created using AI. It’ll be shown on a global network of screens in London, Milan, New York, Seoul and Tokyo on New Year’s Day and throughout January.

Arca has produced a new visual artwork called Untitled. The new work was created using AI and blurs the lines between art and technology – something the experimental star has sought to do for much of her career. 

Commissioned and presented by digital art and culture platform Circa, Untitled will premiere on the Piccadilly Lights in London, and on a global network of screens in cities such as New York, Los Angeles and Seoul, on New Year’s Day at 8:22pm local time. The series will then be screened daily in each location throughout the month, with fans also able to view it via the Circa website.

Untitled has been described by Circa as a “cyborg dreamscape”. The project came together by training a neural network-powered algorithm with 31of Arca’s own mixed-media paintings, “allowing these material real-world artworks to transcend the physical realm”. For the creation of Untitled, Arca recruited London-based multimedia artist – and Circa class of 2021 alumni – Christina Anagnostou to train the algorithm.

Speaking on the new artwork, Arca said: “I hope you are compelled by these interpolated paintings of mine to take a moment and let the visual ASMR produce pleasure, allow for a moment of respite and solace, the experience of warped beauty.”

To coincide with the public exhibition, Arca has created five limited edition hand-signed prints that will be available to purchase from the Circa online store. These prints range in price from £122 to £1000, with proceeds from the sale of the pieces going towards the platform’s #CIRCAECONOMY scheme – an initiative that provides opportunities for emerging creatives through original commissions, scholarships, donations, grants and more.

“Arca’s constant forward momentum has resulted in some of the decade’s most progressive and culturally significant work,” Josef O’Connor, Artistic Director at Circa, said in a statement. “A true polymath, I am moved by her courage and honoured to present this collaboration fusing art with technology to generate new possibilities and launch the beginning of Circa 2022 – a year of world-building.”

Check out the new prints below and keep an eye on the Circa website for more details on the Untitled screenings.

Earlier this month, Arca released volumes two to five in her KICK album series. The four new albums – KICK ii, KicK iii, kick iiii and kiCK iiiii – were shared via XL Recordings and featured the likes of Sia, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Oliver Coates, Planningtorock and more. The first instalment in the five-volume series, KiCk i, landed in 2020.

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