Singer and guitarist Isaac Wood departs from Black Country, New Road

Black Country New Road © Rosie Alice
© Rosie Alice

Isaac Wood is leaving Black Country, New Road.

The band have announced that singer and guitarist Isaac Wood is departing from the group. Wood has cited his wellbeing as the reason behind his departure.

“I have bad news which is that I have been feeling sad and afraid too,” Wood wrote in an online statement. “And I have tried to make this not true but it is the kind of sad and afraid feeling that makes it hard to play guitar and sing at the same time. Together we have been writing songs and then performing them, which at times has been an incredible doing, but more now everything happens that I am feeling not so great and it means from now I won’t be a member of the group anymore.”

He added, “To be clear: this is completely in spite of six of the greatest people I know, who were and are wonderful in a sparkling way.”

Black Country, New Road will continue on as a band. However, their upcoming shows have been cancelled, including their tours and Roundhouse gig on 8 February. The band were due to tour the US from February to March, and had booked dates in April to play in the UK and across Europe.

The band formed in 2018 after their former group, Nervous Condition, split when the singer was accused of sexual assault. They regrouped with Wood as both singer and guitarist. Black Country, New Road have released one full-length album so far. They released For the First Time in 2021, and are set to release the follow-up, Ants From Up There, on 4 February.

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