Clone Records cuts ties with Nina Kraviz over alleged “pro-Putin” views

The Rotterdam-based distributor has shared a statement on their decision to no longer work with Nina Kraviz.

Clone Records previously worked closely with Kraviz and her label трип Recordings. Sharing the post on Instagram and their blog, Clone Records wrote: “For the past few weeks we’ve been receiving inquiries on a daily basis, asking why Clone Distribution has ended its collaboration with Trip Recordings and Nina Kraviz.”

“Even Time Magazine asked if we’d have an official statement about it, which until now we did not,” they continued, referring to a recent piece in the publication about the Russian DJ’s silence over the war in Ukraine. The article mentioned Clone Records’ decision to no longer work with Kraviz. “Clone Records however does not have anything to hide, so with all due respect for the discretion a label/distribution-relation requires, I don’t mind to clarify.”

The post goes on to cite pro-Putin and CCCP/USSR sentiments expressed by Kraviz and her silence on Ukraine as reasons for ending their deal with her. Since Russia invaded Ukraine on 24 February, Kraviz has posted a video of her writing the word ‘peace’ in Russian as a response to the ongoing war.

The Dutch label’s statement, written by Clone Records’ Serge, added: “The way Nina Kraviz chooses to stay silent can be considered to be out of opportunism, hypocrism and a abuse of freedom, thereby going against the values on which house and techno music and their respective cultures are built. The cultures and communities from which Nina did build her career.”

“The house and techno scene are supposed to stand up for minorities, for the less privileged and the oppressed and for freedom of expression. It is built by minorities and oppressed people, and we should not allow ourselves to forget just that.”

Nina Kraviz is yet to reply to the statement, which you can read in full below.

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