Listen back to a Tour de Moon talk with Nahum on space and sustainability

Tour de Moon

Listen back to a talk from the brand new festival Tour de Moon.

Tour de Moon is a new, multi-city festival celebrating nightlife, youth counterculture and the arts. Their Southampton edition is set to kick off this weekend (10-13 June), and in anticipation the festival has published a talk from the Newcastle chapter just gone (27-30 May). Head here for tickets to the Southampton stop.

The talk was hosted as part of the festival’s very own TV show called Moon Live, which was co-curated with Jayson Mansaray and hosted by artist and musician Nahum. Inspired by the moon, the talk delved into ideas on sustainability, space mining, and the night as escapism. The concept behind the talk was the notion that we’ve caused problems on Earth, and Nahum addressed the changes we would need to make in order to travel to the moon.

“‘Moon Live’ is a strand of Tour de Moon that resembles more a TV show to inspire new futures through performances, magic manifestos and sensory delights,” Nahum explained. “The purpose of our show is to celebrate nightlife, inspire radical imagination and to develop systems of care.”

On who can appear in the show, Nahum clarified: “Literally everyone who has something to say about the Moon, nightlife and radical imagination, from night workers to policy makers, scientists to healers, the neurodiverse to gender queer and beyond. We believe that these topics don’t belong to anyone and that on the contrary, everyone has a say, especially underrepresented voices.”

Tour de Moon is one of 10 major creative projects commissioned as part of UNBOXED: Creativity in the UK, which is taking place across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales in 2022.

Watch the talk below, and check out our photo report of the festival.