Regina Baer, co-founder of Berlin’s Tresor and Kraftwerk, has died

Dimitri Hegemann, fellow founder of the Berlin clubbing institutions, shared the news yesterday (27 July).

In a statement posted to Tresor and Kraftwerk’s social media yesterday he wrote that Regina Baer passed away on 21 July following a long battle against “a serious illness.”

“We are infinitely shocked and saddened, but at the same time are filled with gratitude that we were able to live, celebrate, work, discuss, argue, create and be friends with her closely for so long,” the post reads. Hegemann added, “When I say ‘we’ I don’t just refer to the teams of Tresor, Kraftwerk and the exhibition T31, but I believe I am speaking on behalf of so many, not only in Berlin, who have had the great pleasure and honour of knowing her and of experiencing her being as a friend, companion, colleague and boss.”

Hegemann goes on to highlight the enduring impact Baer had on Berlin’s nightlife. “The history of Tresor and, indeed of Berlin’s entire nightlife would be different without her,” he wrote. As detailed in the post, Baer managed Globus and Tresor from 1991-2005 and also founded the Tresor Foundation with Hegemann “so that cultural places like Kraftwerk and Tresor could be protected from speculation and live on for generations after us.”

“Her True Spirit was as compelling as it was contagious, as witnessed by countless artists, Tresor-goers, co-workers and friends,” Hegemann added. “As we know her, she is already working on a magical club in the afterlife,” the statement concludes. Read the full post below.


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Tresor is currently celebrating its 31st anniversary with a series of events running through to the end of August.