Ethel Cain releases surprise new track inspired by Bones and All

© Silken Weinberg

Famous last words (an ode to eaters) is inspired by the new film starring Timothée Chalamet and Taylor Russell.

Ethel Cain uploaded the new track to her Soundcloud earlier today. She also shared famous last words (an ode to eaters) to her Instagram story with the caption: “Had to make a lil song for Bones and All cause I can’t stop thinking about it.”

The 2022 film is inspired by a 2015 book of the same name, written by Camille DeAngelis. A cannibal coming-of-age story, the film features Timothée Chalamet and Taylor Russell as the main protagonists, playing Lee and Mauren respectively. The cast also includes Chloë Sevigny and Mark Rylance and is directed by Luca Guadagnino – who is also known for Call Me By Your Name and the 2018 remake of Suspiria.

Listen to Ethel Cain’s famous last words (an ode to eaters) below.

Earlier this year, Ethel Cain – aka the creative alias of Hayden Silas Anhedönia – released her debut album Preacher’s Daughter. She also featured in Issue 132 of Crack Magazine and our latest Collections edition, The Collections, Volume IV, includes an exclusive interview on self-shooting with the Alabama-based musician.

Listen back to an audio version of our Ethel Cain feature below.