Listen to Crack Magazine’s top 25 tracks of 2022 on Spotify

Crack Magazine’s end of year playlist is here.

We’ve reached the end of a very long year. At Crack, we spent some time putting together some end-of-year lists, and we’ve put our top 25 tracks of 2022 into a playlist for you to stream now.

In this year’s roundup of songs, you’ll find music from former cover star FKA twigs, Jeshi, Bar Italia, Carly Rae Jepsen and more in a list that moves from summer bangers to daring experimentalism.

Sitting at the top spot of our selection is Nick León and DJ Babatar’s club banger Xtasis, which has been lighting up the underground since its release. León featured in our October issue this year, talking at length about his meteoric rise and musical beginnings, as well as the state of the Miami club scene as it stands currently. He said: “My mom wasn’t too stoked that I wanted to be a musician and didn’t have a plan B…. After my cousins from Colombia put me on to Luny Tunes, I got Fruity Loops and never looked back.”

Veronica Bayetti Flores shared some words for our 2022 list, detailing the impact that Xtasis has had on the underground: “León must lay claim to being one of the hardest working producers operating today. His career has been dedicated to exploring the lush textures of south Florida’s musical heritage, whether in his work for forward-thinking hip-hop artists like Denzel Curry and GAIKA, or his own Latin-inflected electronic explorations for labels like Mexico’s celebrated N.A.A.F.I.”

“Xtasis is an antidote. For the mainstream’s monolithic view that Latin music is all about reggaeton. For the diasporic dancers who have yearned to see themselves and their ancestors reflected in the setlist. For the enforced stagnation clubbers have been made to endure over the past few years. Xtasis arrived like a shock to the system, illuminating the endless possibilities of Latin club music.”

Sound good to you? We’re sure the playlist sounds even better – give it a spin below.