Klein has scored an episode of Random Acts of Flyness

© Dexter Lander

The final episode of the show’s second season airs on 23 December.

Klein has scored the final episode of Random Acts of Flyness season two. The late-night series – which was created by artist, filmmaker and musician Terence Nance, and airs on HBO – is described as “a show about the beauty and ugliness of contemporary American life.” The show has received critical acclaim since its release, due its surrealism and multimedia formatting.

Klein’s score follows the release of her latest musical project STAR IN THE HOOD, which landed on Parkwuud Entertainment in November. Last year, the multidisciplinary artist and composer released her Harmattan LP on classical record label PENTATONE. The album featured Welsh singer Charlotte Church and London-based grime MC Jawnino.

In our review of Harmattan, we wrote: “It’s a remarkable and often challenging piece of work. Some of the tracks are dense and claustrophobic, and there are moments, such as the jangled and discordant piano melodies of the opening track, that not all listeners will know what to do with. Yet even these sections make sense. After all, what is the reality that we’re all living through now if not jangled and discordant?”

Klein also spoke to Crack in 2017 about her process and personal style, saying: “I’d say that nothing seems real, especially with my music anyway: elements of it seem classical but also not, parts of it are like, off, and it’s the same with me… My music has all these elements that mean you can’t really pinpoint why you like it, and I think it’s the same with my look.”

Earlier this year, Nance released his debut album V O R T E X on Brainfeeder, which he described as a “sonic tool” which allowed him to “balance [his] energy between masculine and feminine; destructive and creative, domination and submission, right and left, sun and moon; day and night.”.

Nance also provided Crack with a Selections playlist, which you can check out here.