Björk announces remix featuring Shygirl and Sega Bodega out at midnight

The track was performed in London last year.

Björk has announced a remix featuring Sega Bodega and Shygirl will release at midnight, via an Instagram post.

In the post, she writes: “it has been so nourishing sharing music with shy and sega …. soooo honoured to be in their hands !!
and in this remix admiring sega exploring chill-bassdrum-gabba and a thrill seeing shy diving into my lyrics and taking it to a new place …”

She continued: “( i hope to repay the favour soon ) …and seeing them perform it live in london was humbling ….
grrrrratitudes !!”


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The news comes after the release of Björk’s Fossora last year, with Shygirl also delivering her full length debut in Nymph to critical acclaim. Sega Bodega released a track with Caroline Polachek at the end of last year, titled Sunset – while also contributing production to Shygirl’s Nymph.

Björk shared her appreciation for Shygirl, Rosalía and more last September on BBC Radio 2, saying: “I love – I listen to Rihanna, Beyoncé, Kelela, you know, all that lot all the time. Like Shygirl – obsessed – Rosalía, all that lot, and SZA. If you come to my house I have a playlist and it has basically the same stuff that’s on my albums. There is some ethnic music, folk songs, and then there’ll be some contemporary classical, choir music, and then there’ll be, on a Friday night, some sugar pop blasting, and some brutal techno as well.”

In our review of Shygirl’s Nymph, Caroline Whitely wrote: “While Shygirl is now more comfortable in the spotlight, she still uses these personas as a means of expression. As a DJ, producer and burgeoning pop star, she is adept at inhabiting different characters to express her own multiplicities and contradictions. Booty calling every guy in her phone book in the verse, then dreading being alone in the chorus? Sure. The queen of sex bangers contains multitudes – or perhaps it’s just called being human. The Classics could never.”