Jaymie Silk releases new project Rub Music vol. 1: Artificial Realness using AI

Jaymie Silk in a launderette
© Morgan Cardoso

The EP was created as an exploration of the future of music with relation to artificial intelligence.

Producer, vocalist, remixer and DJ Jaymie Silk has shared his new release Rub Music vol. 1: Artificial Realness. The project uses artificial intelligence instead of human vocals and introduces Silk’s self-termed music style ‘Rub Music’ which he describes as a contraction of rave and club music. He also explains that the creation of this sound is in response to the ethnic disparity within the music industry.

The five track release explores the risks and advantages of artificial intelligence and new technologies within music, particularly in response to the Recording Industry Association of America’s claim that “AI Music Generators will kill the music industry”. Rub Music vol. 1: Artificial Realness also features remixes from Brodinski and Modulaw. The EP sees Silk using AI to generate the voices of artists such as Tupac, Kendrick Lamar and The Weeknd.

Speaking on the project, Silk explained, “This is the first project in Dance music to use artificial intelligence instead of human vocalists. This is what the future of music could look like. As I was tired of seeing the barriers between different styles, I decided to create a more inclusive one.”

Detailing further, he said: “This is not Rave music, this not Club Music, this is Rub Music. I had no plan to use this technology at the start. I did not know that it was possible to do so, and I stumbled upon it by chance. Even though it’s just the beginning for AI, in what it’s capable of, I knew that something had to be done. For me, in art, the process is always more important than the result. I love the track Artificial Realness, the way I managed to twist the vocals, it really seems The Weeknd is singing on the track. Mechanical Birds is certainly my fav tho [sic], another genre, more immersive, with the kid telling a poem I made, you can’t tell that’s not a human speaking”.

Rub Music vol.1: Artificial Realness is out today (25 January) on Pelican Fly.