Charli XCX talks Crash, Kylie Minogue and more in new interview

© Karolis Kaminskas

The former Crack Magazine cover star also discussed new music, returning to old inspirations and future plans in an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald.

Speaking to the newspaper ahead of a performance at Sydney’s WorldPride this month, the artist talked at length about her latest album Crash, feeling “hyper-stressed” following its release, her queer following and more.

On the topic of new music, Charli teased that she “had made new plans, but I’m not telling you what they are”. Her comments come off the back of a red carpet interview at the 2023 BRIT Awards, during which she said “I am [back in the studio]. It’s slow, but in a nice way. I’m just trying to take time for myself and my personal life, as well as making bops.”

The artist also shared her thoughts on Crash’s commercial success in the new SMH interview. Released in March 2022, the artist’s fifth album saw her claiming her first UK number one album, and also topped the charts in Australia upon its release. It was also her last record under her contract with Atlantic Records, and a project she has previously described as her “sellout” album.

“Obviously with Crash, the whole idea was I wanted to make the most major label album I could possibly make. But by the time it came out, I was really just drained from that. It kind of showed me that actually, like, maybe that’s not where I thrive. To make that kind of music in that way, it became an interesting social experiment for me”, she said. Continuing, she added, “I’m very happy that I didn’t fall on my face. It’s like, ‘My idea, it worked!’”

Charli also talked about another former Crack Magazine cover star and pop icon, Kylie Minogue, who will also perform at WorldPride: “I’ll probably just be dancing in the crowd with everyone else. She’s a f—ing angel, the most lovely, sweet, wonderful, cool woman. I can’t wait to watch her perform. And the gays are gonna just f—ing lose it.”

The new interview follows Charli remix of February cover star Caroline Polachek’s Welcome to My Island, on which she collaborated with partner George Daniel from The 1975. Speaking on the remix and its lyrics, Charli said: “I want to be wifed up, I want to have a big fat belly with a baby in it. I don’t really want to live in the countryside, that’s the only lie in that because I love cities. But yeah, I’m just so in love right now and I think I’d be a really hot mum… so why not just put it all into a Caroline Polachek remix, you know?”

Listen to our Charli XCX Collections audio story below and read the cover story. Find her new interview in full here.