Watch a new Duval Timothy performance filmed live in Freetown, Sierra Leone

The video sees our January cover star perform the track from his 2018 release 2 Sim.

Filmed in Freetown, Sierra Leone – the home country of Duval Timothy‘s father – the video features footage of the multidisciplinary artist performing First Rain on piano interspersed with imagery from the capital city. Directed by Edem Wornoo, the short film also includes clips from the Carrying Colour complex – the home and recording studio Timothy runs alongside his label and brand under the same name.

In addition to the video – which is produced by Ground Work and Timothy – we’ve teamed up with Timothy to release a limited run of 100 hand-woven scarves, produced by Tamba Thomas at his workshop in Sierra Leone. Footage of the scarves being crafted also features in the performance video and you can see photos of the scarf being made below. You can buy a Carrying Colour in collaboration with Crack Magazine scarf here.

Last November, Timothy released his latest album Meeting with a Judas Tree – featuring collaborations with Yu Su, FAUZIA, Lamin Fofana and Vegyn. In Issue 139 interview with him, when speaking about the studio he’s built with Ibiye Camp in Freetown, Timothy said: “I’ve been building this studio complex in my family’s house there and I had all these visions for what it should be, like an international residency for artists and a place where local acts can record. But I realised I’ve spent so much time planning, I haven’t been engaging in what’s already there.”

He also spoke about 2 Sim, which First Rain features on. “For 2 Sim, I wanted to record the people I knew in Freetown who had a similar experience to me. It helped me start to accept the reality of my situation – that I’m not always seen as being ‘from’ there,” Timothy explained. “The more time I spend in Freetown, the less of a chip on my shoulder I have about how people might view or understand me. I know that I am seen by those who care about me and that’s all that matters.”

Watch the video of Duval Timothy performing First Rain in the player above.