Bristol label and music organisation Saffron is crowdfunding to secure its future

The Bristol-founded non-profit is asking for support in order to ensure its survival.

A new crowdfunder has been launched by label and artist development platform, Saffron. The organisation, started in 2015 by founder Laura Lewis-Paul, has spent the last seven years working to redress gender disparities in the music tech industry by creating safer spaces, access and opportunities for marginalised people through releases, workshops, music production and sound engineering courses, and the DJ initiative Mix Nights, among other projects.

“As a mixed Black Caribbean-led organisation Saffron was eligible for a number of grants sparked by the 2020 Black Lives Matter movement. This allowed us to thrive in the short-term, but these funds were largely one-off gestures rather than essential ongoing core support,” reads the description for the fundraiser, which was announced today (8 March) on International Women’s Day.

Over the past few months, a number of other crucial and expected arts grants and income sources for our work in 2023 have not materialised or been cut, and our primary industry donor has departed. This has left us in a tight spot. We are now turning to our community to help get us through the next few months, whilst we embed our longer-term plans to make Saffron sustainable.”

Saffron hopes to raise £50,000. This money will be used to cover the organisation’s core costs in the short-term, allowing it to continue its existing programmes, further connect with its community and retain its team. A slew of long-term goals have also been outlined, including the hiring of new team members, growth into other areas across the UK and the implementation of neurodiversity and disability consultancy.

The cost of living, government arts cuts and lack of sustained funding post-BLM is leaving non-profit organisations like us without the crucial core investment we need to stay afloat”  explained founder Lewis-Paul in a statement, which also discussed the importance of a platform such as Saffron, which received 644 applications for 200 course places in 2022. 

Take a look at Saffron’s post below. To find out more or donate head to Saffron’s fundraising page.


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