Legendary Japanese techno albums by Ken Ishii and Susumo Yokota to be reissued this year

Reference To Difference and Acid Mt. Fuji will be re-released on vinyl on 6 September via Musicmine to celebrate 30 years since their original release.

Seminal techno LPs Reference To Difference by Ken Ishii and Acid Mt. Fuji by Susumu Yokota are set to be reissued later this year.

To celebrate 30 years since their original release in 1994, Tokyo-based label Musicmine will re-release the albums on 6 September on vinyl and digitally.

Ishii’s six track Reference To Difference was first released on CD, with the upcoming drop being the first time the LP has been officially pressed on wax. Taking influence from early Black Dog Productions and Warp’s Artificial Intelligence compilations, the album is remembered for its futuristic blend of techno, IDM and minimalist.

Yokota’s Acid Mt. Fuji, which was originally released via Musicmine’s subsidiary label Sublime, combined techno with elements of ambient and psychedelic 303 acid sounds. The record was also reissued in 2018 via German label Midgar Records, following the producer’s passing in 2015.

Both were central records in the mid-1990s boom of Japanese techno, which after taking influence from the nascent sounds of Detroit, boomed into a widespread movement out of Tokyo’s underground nightclubs.