SHAPE+ announces its artist roster for 2024-2025

The EU-funded platform, now run by 18 European festivals, will begin its third year of activities on 15 July.

Known for spotlighting innovative music and audiovisual art, EU-funded organisation SHAPE+ has announced the details of its roster for its third year running, which will commence this July.

With a focus on championing progressive music and art through collaborative residencies, one-off performance moments and more, this year the platform has expanded to work with 54 artists – their most extensive programme yet – through genres ranging from club sounds to boundary-pushing art and even traditional music and free improvisation.

Already working with radio stations including Rinse FM, NTS, Ola Radio and Resonance FM, this year SHAPE+ welcomes connections with radio stations across 13 more countries. They’re also adding three new festivals to their team, each with their own unique outlook, access to talent and dedicated audience – Serbia’s Polja, The Netherlands’ Rewire, and Switzerland’s Full of Lava (a very special addition, marking an extension of the platform’s reach with first-time funding via a partner outside of the EU grant programme, Pro Helvetia).

Together, they’ve selected their roster for the year, drawing both from SHAPE+’s annual call out and organic festival connections.

View the full list below.

2K88 (PL)
Abdullah Miniawy (EG/FR)
Adela Mede (SK/HU)
alys(alys)alys (BR/DE)
Andriy K. (UA/CZ)
Anja Lauvdal (NO)
Antonina Nowacka (PL/IT)
Assyouti (EG/DE)
Carolina Santiago (ES/FR)
Ciro Vitiello (IT)
Clarissa Connelly (SCT/DK)
Dali Muru & The Polyphonic Swarm (FR)
Dania (IQ/ES/AUS)
Dino Spiluttini (AT)
Donna Candy (FR/BE)
Donna Haringwey (PT)
Drogded aka Marci Bíró (HU)
Elischa Heller (CH)
Enrico Malatesta (IT)
Eugène Blove (FR)
Eve Aboulkheir (FR)
Fiesta en el vacío (FR)
Fujita Pinnacle (SI)
Irene Bianco (DK)
JacqNoise (DE/NL)
Jan Nemeček (RS)
John Chantler (SE)
Julian Sartorius (CH)
Junge Eko (CH)
Khrystyna Kirik (UA)
Kinga Ötvös (RO/DE)
Lamina (FR/BE)
Lenhart Tapes (RS)
Lénok (SK)
Lukas de Clerck (BE)
mala roza muca & pixel.bambi (SI)
Maquis Son Sistèm (FR)
Marylou (DE)
Nic Krog (DK/DE)
Nick Dunston (DE/US)
otay:onii (CN/US/DE)
Paula Vītola (LV)
Radio Hito (BE)
Santiago Latorre (ES)
Sissi Rada (GR/DE)
sofi (LV/FI)
Statoil (DK)
Tarta Relena (ES)
tonota (HR)