CRACK x Gurls Talk

Gurls Talk is an online platform and community founded by activist and supermodel Adwoa Aboah. The mission statement of the platform is to create a space for womxn to share experiences and support each other with no filters or taboos. Through events, conversations and creative collaborations, they are building a global network of like-minded voices who explore, challenge and celebrate what womxnhood looks like today.

Arts and culture have been a central pillar of the Gurls Talk mission from the very start – a perfect fit for our new audio platform "I’m so happy to present Gurls Talk’s Guest Mixes with the amazing Crack Magazine.” Gurls Talk founder Aboah told us, “As music is such a central pillar of our community, we wanted to spotlight some of the incredibly talented womxn we have in the UK. I hope you love these mixes as much as I do!"

Plug into five mixes handpicked by Gurls Talk – all from DJs who mirror the borderless, celebratory spirit of the platform.


First up is Chloe Caillet, long-time dj at Gurls Talk events and one half of PVBLIC XCESS. ““Chloe’s is my favourite morning mix.” Says Aboah. “I put it on when I get up and it gets me in a joyful mood and energises me for my day ahead." The perfect start to the week.


Next up is Jodie Harsh, one of London fashion's foremost DJs and producers, with a blast of fierce, pop energy. “Jodie’s mix makes me want to go into my closet, put on my most statement looks and strut around." Says Aboah. With remixes of Cher, Britney, Marie Davidson and Kim Petras, it's hard to argue.


West London’s Liv Ravden joins us for the mid-way point of our week-long collaboration with Gurls Talk. Smooth and uplifting, this is the perfect tonic for that midweek slump.

“Liv’s is my Sunday-at-home soundtrack.” Aboah said of the set. “It’s got so many of my favourite funk and soul classics and I love playing it throughout the house."


London studio Bossy LDN believe in power through collaboration. Through events, creative projects and a regular NTS Radio show, Izzy and Dee amplify the sounds of like-minded artists and lean into genres often dominated by men. “Men are predominantly known to play this genre and people don’t expect that from 2 women. This is the music we love.”

“I love listening to this Bossy LDN mix when I’m transitioning from a chill afternoon into getting ready for a night out” says series curator Adwoa Aboah on the mix, “It perfectly switches between between trap, afrobeats, grime and R&B."


As our collaboration with Gurls Talk draws to a close, we look to the weekend with this club-ready mix by London’s Emerald. Running her Afters With Emerald party, DJing for MIA on tour, presenting and interviewing on Rinse FM and modelling are just a few of her occupations, and this mix reflects the hustle.

For Adwoa Aboah, “Emerald’s mix is my go-to gym soundtrack. It’s pumping, heavy and gets my head in the game."

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