Live from UFO II at Dekmantel Festival 2018

Landing in 2018, the UFO II stage was a welcome addition to the Dekmantel Festival map. Offering a more adventurous counterpoint to the colossal 4/4 force of the much-loved UFO stage, this smaller next door neighbour was put in place to showcase sounds from the periphery. With a soundtrack of more abstract electronic strands and a stripped-back presentation – the new hub successfully ushered in an off-centre alternative to the Dekmantel soundtrack.

We’re excited to be the exclusive hosts of a series of recordings from the inaugural UFO II, these mixes perfectly capture the agenda of weirdness and exploration which made the stage so special.

Elena Colombi

Alien sounds from the orbit of techno and new wave from the Italian selector

Karen Gwyer

The experimental producer delivers a mind-bending improvisational live set

Detroit In Effect

Drexciyan electro offering an homage to the foundational sounds of Detroit

Job Sifre

A leading light of the Netherlands new school, Sifre brings a cocktail of lo-fi sounds and dark room tones

Parrish Smith

Pitch-black electronics and caustic polyrhythms from the Dekmantel favourite

Broken English Club

The closing set from the inaugural weekend at UFO II, a dark and brutal selection of industrial which left onlookers reeling

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