Yaeji Season takeover

It’s Yaeji Season on and our latest cover star has curated a week-long series of mixes inspired by the seasons of the year. Today, with the release of the final recording by Yaeji herself, you can find the whole takeover here.

Yaeji’s artistic practice has always been steeped in collaboration. From her now-famous Curry In No Hurry supper club to the close bonds between her and her team, Yaeji’s output is shaped by the community she surrounds herself with. Her residency – for which she invites five peers from New York’s club scene – is yet another example of this.

“Seasons have always been a way for me to mark time, feelings and memories,” Yaeji says on her chosen theme. “Growing up in cities that carry four seasons, I remember recognising a distinct smell and feel for each of them. When I was asked to invite friends [for the residency] I thought, I’d love to hear how my friends would translate each season, to see if there’s a memory or feeling associated with each for them as well.”

Swipe or use the arrows to choose your season.

Artwork by NK Badtz Maru

Yaeji Season takeover

Enayet’s Winter Mix

For the depths of winter, SLINK resident Enayet whips up a frosty climate best suited to club music’s murkier reaches. There’s twists and turns through IDM, broken techno and the pitch-black spaces in between.

Yaeji Season takeover

Su Baykal’s Spring Mix

Plastic Dreams resident Su Baykal evokes the slow transition of spring: from clearer skies to climbing temperatures.

Yaeji Season takeover

Salenta’s Summer Mix

Dedicated to queer black women, the Summer Mix is selected by Salenta – a musician, DJ and event producer for Pushing Underground Sounds Higher (The PUSH). In her own words: “This selection reminds me of when my friends and I would make mixtape CDs for one another, drive around Los Angeles and the Bay while going on various serendipitous adventures. I hope this makes you feel as free as we did.”

Yaeji Season takeover

baitong~xystemes vs. pH’s Autumn Mix

As the year draws to a close, two of hyph stems' label heads, baitong~xystemes and pH, deliver a mix which acts as "both an ode and a diss to the most commercially corrupt season.” Expect twisted acid, nails techno and deconstructed oddities.

Yaeji Season takeover

Yaeji’s All Seasons Mix

The final chapter of the takeover is by Yaeji herself, who embarks on a full orbit around the sun for her All Seasons Mix. Breezy spring beginnings give way to hot and heavy summer nights, and the mood gets suitably more nocturnal as winter closes in.

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