Beautiful Swimmers

Max D and Ari Goldman are one of the best-loved DJ pairings in the game.

Having played innumerable back-to-backs in their native city of Washington DC, they’ve been releasing tracks as Beautiful Swimmers since 2009.

Their output has been housed mostly via Max D’s own Future Times imprint but also through the likes of PPU and The Trilogy Tapes, labels whose tendency towards left-of-centre club music makes them a natural fit for Max & Ari’s quirky, technicolour earworms, which run the gauntlet from hi-sheen eighties-style grooves to twinkly oddball house.

As selectors they tread equally eclectic ground- both work in record stores when they’re not gigging- and as such their sets are delightfully unpredictable. For their Crack Mix, Beautiful Swimmers have laid down 60 minutes of sunny tropical percussion and skippy, sample-laden house, evoking summertime idyll like few else can.

Beautiful Swimmers play at Patterns, Brighton on Saturday, July 8, and Sunfall, August 12