DJ Sports

A timeless and classy blend of house and jungle from Regelbau’s DJ Sports

As part of the loose collective Regelbau, DJ Sports has been responsible for bringing his home city of Ã…rhus into the collective consciousness of the global dance community. Prior to that, the 11-strong group of DJs and producers split shipping costs on records and threw parties. These were instrumental in building momentum in the city, and eventually they used some proceeds to set up the label that became Regelbau. The group are deservedly the subject of much hype and admiration at the moment, and Sports’ own debut LP, appearing on Edinburgh’s Firecracker Recordings, was widely lauded for it’s deft handling of jungle, house and ambient, and the strong sense of tone threaded throughout.

For his Crack Mix, DJ Sports offers a polished example of the aesthetic he and his label-mates are slowly making their own. His mixes are smooth and loose; the tracks playful, fun yet lightly forlorn; and the overall flavour owes much to rave-era hallmarks of the vast majority of his work to date. Jungle breaks, acid warbles and straight euphoric piano all make their way on to one of our all-time favourite mixes in the series.

DJ Sports plays Coastal Haze at Corsica Studios, Friday 8 September