Prosumer is not only hugely respected within electronic music – he’s much-loved too.

Achim Brandenburg was born in Saarbrücken, but as Prosumer, his history really begins in Berlin. Honing his skills at parties across the capital, he fell in with the Ostgut Ton family, going on to helm a long-running residency at Panorama Bar. Though the curtain came down on his stint in 2012, the impact he had on the space’s musical identity continues to resonate.

Known for his unpretentious and escapist sets, Prosumer leans on classic and deep-dive house and disco from Chicago, New York and Detroit alongside the odd crowd-pleasing curveball (we still cherish our memories of Prosumer dropping Bowie’s Golden Years at the NYC Downlow). We’re thrilled to have him at the controls for Crack Mix 151 where he delivers a daytime session charged with languid disco before shifting gear towards moodier house and techno. We defy your mood not to be lifted by the end of these 90 minutes.

Can you tell us a bit about the mix you made for us? Where was it recorded and what was the idea behind it?

I recorded it at home – it’s a sunny day here, the windows are open, I feel the summer and am ready for some sun. I had coconut rice pudding and mango, so part of my mind is lounging by the sea. I started relaxed and picked up some speed towards the end and I always think the last track reminds me of a tropical rain shower.

You’ve been living in Edinburgh for a few years now, do you feel like you’ve settled in? How does it compare to living in Berlin?

I do, I called Edinburgh home very quickly. It’s a very different pace and priorities are very different, too.

Has the move had any discernible impact on your DJing or production?

I’m pretty sure it has, my music is always mirroring my life.

There’s been an increase in discussion around mental health and the music industry recently. As one of the first artists to openly talk about depression, does it feel like there’s been some real change?

I think in general people are more open about these things, not just in the music industry. It’s easier nowadays to talk about it and people no longer need to feel like they are the only person in the world suffering from these problems. There still needs a lot of work to be done and still it’s not always easy for people to find help but I think we are on the right track.

Finally, you run a quiz night with Tama Sumo at Südblock in Berlin and at the Dalston Superstore in London. What’s your area of specialist knowledge?

It always feels like my brain is flooded with useless knowledge – 80s pop lyrics or James Bond are my go-to subjects when I am making up questions for the quiz.

Prosumer appears at NYE At The Boxing Club along with Craig Richards, Pearson Sound and Pangea on 31 December at The Boxing Club, Bristol. Find tickets here.