DJ Python

New York’s Brian Piñeyro has toiled under a number of aliases since he first first broke cover as DJ Wey, back in 2015. Back then, his strand of house music was aligned with Ital’s Lovers Rock label, but he’s been careful to not stay still for long, switching styles and monikers to keep pace with his own divergent tastes. Still, it’s as DJ Python that his reputation has really spread the furthest. In this guise he makes “deep reggaeton” (his words), a kind of stripped, back variant of the sound that blends with atmospheric house and techno. Last year, Piñeyro kicked off Anthony Naples’ label Incensio with debut full-length, Dulce Compañia, one of Crack Magazine’s albums of 2017.

This hour-long excursion for our Crack Mix series demonstrates his grasp of atmospheres, delivered with an effortlessness we’ve come to expect. Humid and close, the mix begins distinctly downtempo before drifting, like a warm current, through low-slung house, grime, and – of course – the mutant reggaeton we’ve come to expect. Perfect for summer, but better when the sun goes down.

DJ Python appears at Dimensions Festival, Croatia, 29 August to 2 September