fresh starts and broken hearts – by sega bodega

Experimental producer and songwriter sega bodega re-emerged in late 2018 with kisses 2 my phone, a contorted R&B ode to the hyperconnected affection with his vocals at the forefront. A pop radical with a sponge-like relationship to music and pop culture, sega’s work sounds like the flux of modern life – a discordant symphony of glossy imagery, saccharine sounds and glimpses of humanity.

It’s that unique gaze which prompted us to invite sega to put together a special mix for Valentine’s Day. As the Hannah Diamond-directed artwork to his last project suggests, this is an artist interested in unpacking and subverting understandings of human connection. What came back was ‘fresh starts & broken hearts’, a 30-minute collage of music, voices and snippets that paint a picture of the many moods and shades of Valentine’s Day. Built from music (tracklist below) along with samples from Valentine’s Day TV specials and Valentine’s moments from movies. “We all have a different feeling towards [Valentine’s Day],” sega told us over email, “so I wanted to touch on all the different ways people might feel.”

For some reason, by presenting a patchwork of Valentine’s Day through the lens of nostalgic TV shows and melodrama, bodega’s delivered something all the more real. Why can we only speak the language of love through the screen, we ask? “We all love a love story.”

OG Joseph – I’m So Lonely
Dido – Here With Me
Leila – Space, Love
Woo – It’s Love
Ana Caprix – Stone to Flesh
Subsided – Kendo
The Corrs – What Can I Do
Jessie Ware & Sampha – Valentine (Sega Bodega RMX)
Andrea Bocelli – Con Te Pa