Giant Swan

Bristol duo Giant Swan – comprised of Robin Stewart and Harry Wright – are known for making a ruckus, with their live shows descending into a visceral kind of chaos, ignited by their brand of “techno-not-techno”. Channeling raw energy into their sets, their sound fuses together searing hot electro, industrial muscle and experimental textures bolstered by hard-hitting techno. Their first white label, Sink, was a collaborative effort with Rei, Olo Worms and Taos Humm, and since, the duo have fired off a handful of EPs via Howling Owl, Fuckpunk, Timedance, Haunter Records and Serendeepity. Their shapeshifting sounds bleed into their philosophy: of knowing and growing their principles. In an interview with Crack Magazine, Stewart explained, “It’s good for us to know our place within [music] – we’re not trying to represent a group or a movement or a genre, but rather be open-minded and engage in new opinions and discussions to further our knowledge.”

Their hour-long Crack Mix demonstrates precisely what they’re about: moments of cloudy ambience driven forward by feral, distorted vocals. Moments of calm plunge into intense periods of hammering chaos that thrums with electric energy; altogether, the mix bleeds with a life or death urgency. Not for the faint-hearted.

Giant Swan perform live at Crack Magazine’s event at Patterns, Brighton, 19 May. The duo are participating in this year’s SHAPE Platform, supported by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.