Grace Jones – Mixed by Barbie Bertisch

The word icon is used too much nowadays. But few warrant the soubriquet like Grace Jones.

Famed for her elemental force of character, Grace Jones’ strain of superstardom is shot through with radicalism: born in Spanish Town, Jamaica, Jones’ career began in earnest in the late 60s as a model, first in New York, then later, Paris. Her striking androgyny earned her a place among the fashion elite and she, famously, became a fixture at Studio 54. Still, her primary career was destined to become a footnote in her life story once she signed to Island in the mid-70s. Jones’ run of records throughout the next few years – culminating, surely, in her 1981 LP Nightclubbing – are classics, but contain a sense of vibrancy and daring that transcends their historical roots in that most mythologised era. Here genres were teased together – from the disco of her earlier records, through reggae and new wave – and distinctions between disciplines exploded. We’re used to talking about the intersection of art, fashion and music in 2018, but Grace Jones begun the conversation.

To celebrate Grace Jones’ birthday, we tapped The Lot‘s Barbie Bertisch, co-founder of the Love Injection fanzine, to create a tribute mix delving deep into Jones’ back catalogue and interview snippets. As you can imagine, it’s quite a ride.


Grace Jones – The Crossing (ooh the action)
Grace Jones – Cannibal Dub
Grace Jones – Operattack
Grace Jones – She’s Lost Control
Grace Jones – Private Life (Dub)
Grace Jones – This is Dub
Grace Jones – Feel Up (Larry Levan Mix)
Grace Jones – Jones The Rhythm
The Normal – Warm Leatherette
Grace Jones – Warm Leatherette (Francois K Mix)
Grace Jones Interview 1985
Grace Jones – Ja Guys
LL Cool J – Doin’ It
Grace Jones – My Jamaican Guy
Grace Jones – Slave To The Rhythm (Bruce Forest Rough Slave Mix)
Grace Jones – La Vie En Rose

Barbie Bertisch will be playing at Good Room, Brooklyn, on 26 May