Jasss is a Berlin-based sound artist and electronic music producer hailing from the north coast of Spain. Growing up, she was raised on the jazz, African and South American rhythms popular in the region, as well as a traditional teenage diet of punk and hardcore. Today she brings these myriad influences to bear on the industrial sonics of her new home, creating experimental, abstract music with a sense of worldliness that’s singular to Jasss.

Following a string of 12” releases on Mannequin and Anunnaki Cartel, Jasss released her debut LP Weightless this year. The record’s unique blend of dark jazz, experimental electronics and industrial EBM made it one of the most captivating records of the year and it’s telling that, to mark the album’s release, she was invited to curate a night of leftfield electronics for Berghain‘s experimental room Saüle. An impressive line-up featuring iDEAL founder Joachim Nordwall, S. Jay & M. Jay, Bill Kouligas and Vladimir Ivkovic.

As the co-sign from Saüle would suggest, her mix is future-facing and eclectic, drawing on wiggy electro, growling halfstep, breaksy IDM and boom-bap house. Jasss is regularly cited as one of the most adventurous new DJ-producers currently at work in Berlin – the mix demonstrates precisely why.