Kelly Lee Owens

The Welsh producer turns out a short and sweet collection of techno.

Kelly Lee Owens is one of those artists with an instant pop appeal, someone who seems to have a natural knack for producing tunes that instantly make you want to move. Running with Daniel Avery and Ghost Culture – two artists also making infectious tracks – doesn’t hurt, but KLO seems to have a special talent for creating music that makes you feel.

Smalltown Supersound certainly agree, signing her for an EP after hearing her tribute to Arthur Russell, named Arthur. Credits on Daniel Avery’s crossover hit Drone Logic and a later remix of oddball heroine Jenny Hval on her EP Oleic meant she was one to take seriously from the get-go. Her debut album was released to widespread acclaim in 2017, cementing her position as a member of the techno community with the scope to reach levels of recognition well beyond the club.

This year she returned with her latest release Let It Go / Omen; the latter is built on a slightly sinister wobble and the former, a propulsive workout made specifically for the ‘floor at Fabric, features in her succinct Crack Mix. The rest of the tracks point to her preferred mode of being as a producer too: deep but concussive, melodic but brazen, and modern but with plenty of nods to the past in rave and dub. Check the tracklist below and hit play for a taste of what she brings behind the decks.

Leibniz – 32 Mb Molten Moods
Synkro – Gagaku (Frederick Robinson Remix)
Eluize – Distance
Karima F – Random Loop from Doepfer Site
Leibniz – NFS
Church Andrews – 2.1
Krotone – Talk to Me
Billy Turner – Fingers Crossed
KLO – Let It Go
Locked Groove – Out of Orbit

Kelly Lee Owens plays Field Day, London, on 7 June