Kornél Kovács

The Studio Barnhus DJ gets weird and woozy in honour of DJ Screw.

Our latest Crack Mix comes courtesy of Kornél Kovács: DJ, producer and one third of Stockholm’s Studio Barnhus crew. As part of the label and collective, Kovács has been spreading the word of their off-kilter house music throughout Europe and beyond. So successfully have they done so that the sounds they champion are now almost synonymous with their city.

As a DJ in his own right, Kovács has steadily elevated himself to a position as one of the most in-demand selectors around and you can find him playing zigzagging across the globe on any given weekend. A deftness of touch and famous ear for a melody have seen his stock solidify as a producer too, with this year’s Stockholm MarathonLP following his debut, The Bells, in garnering near-universal acclaim on release.

For his Crack Mix, we’re treated to his “screw house” style; a technique in which he mixes tracks that are written at traditional house speeds, and he pitches them down from around 125 to 90bpm. Speaking to us over email he tells us why he’s enjoyed doing this since 2005.

“It’s an interesting process, finding out which tunes sound good at 90bpm (very often not the ones you would think). [When] pitching down house and techno to that tempo, some of them will turn into something like classic boom bap hip-hop beats, others end up with this almost reggaeton vibe; other times they sound like industrial music. They often get this special uncanny feel to them. Enjoy the mix and, as always, RIP DJ Screw.”

Included are a couple of his own creations from the latest album, as well as a secret VIP of his 2015 track Pantalón on Numbers. Hit play and nestle in.

Kornél Kovács plays FLY Open Air, Edinburgh, 18 May