Orbiting the margins of 140bpm is Bristol producer Lucy (stylised as L U C Y). Over the past 12 months, her experimental productions and infectiously party-starting DJ sets have been making waves among the country’s bass and grime new school. Her profile rose considerably when she reached the final of Red Bull’s Riddim Rally – a nationwide competition testing the aptitude of ascendant beat-makers.

Continuing the experimental grime path carved out by collectives like Bandulu, Lucy is a operating in a future-facing, experimental region of grime and this mix is a perfect introduction to her universe. Blending face-melting bass with sinogrime melodies and shuffling UKG syncopations, the selections she brings to Crack Mix 198 demonstrate the span of her musical language and show off her agility and focus as a DJ. Play this loud and keep a close eye on this artist’s next move.

L U C Y appears on the Crack Magazine stage at Love Saves The Day, Bristol, 26-27 May