Latin American women in music – Mixed by Valesuchi

Happy International Women’s Day.

Today, women march for gender equality as protests, conversations and celebrations unfold across the globe. At Crack Magazine, we’ve decided to mark this day with a specialist mix by Brazil-based selector Valesuchi, who, earlier this year, highlighted the lack of Latin American artists on a festival line-up that puts on satellite events in her home region. Taking to Instagram to point out this lack of true cultural exchange, her statement caused music industry insiders, and the festival founders, to pause, take note and ask vital questions.

We invited Valesuchi to make a mix for us – and asked her to choose any theme of her own. As such, the producer delivers a gorgeous counterpoint to stale line-ups and dated frameworks. With a tracklist demonstrating the pool of talent within her home scene, Valesuchi’s mix celebrates Latin American women in electronic music. Clocking in at over an hour, the mix is filled with chants, hypnotic textures and a witchy atmosphere that harnesses the collective power of the women featured.

“I see this special relation between women and music, a new/old kind of witchcraft,” she writes via emaill. “There’s a deep spell in all these tracks and I think of all these women as fellow teachers with electronic tools, translating who they are in some secret room inside their houses.” Check out the tracklist below, and hit play above.

Canción de amor desea verle – Lado A (extract)
Debit – Audiacious
Kinética – Predicciones
Juana Molina – Andol
Juliana R – Pessoa
Andrea Paz – Trans Verso
Sobrenadar – Unn
Tali on pils – Disfarce live remix
Futuro Fósil – Katack
Lori – The Rye and the Ray Undone
Guillermo – Space Cake
Aylu – Y_Y
Ana Helder – Complicado
Valesuchi – Bombas
Kakubo – DD
Amanda Mussi – Tarde em Júpiter
Ananda – Ataque de pánico
Kamila Govorcin – Reminiscencia
Mariana Herzer – 57
Julianna – Arrived to Andromeda