LOFT has consistently operated outside of the confines of traditional club music, stitching together contrasts and challenging expectations with their experimental productions.

The past year has seen the Mancunian producer go from strength to strength, with a recent EP on Wisdom Teeth – which has helmed releases from figures on Bristol’s burgeoning scene, such as Hodge – and a nod of approval from Björk, who’s selected their track Funemployed for her Mixmag cover mix. With their first release landing on Astral Planes in 2016, earlier this year, the producer kickstarted 2018 with a contribution to the label’s compilation, sitting beside tracks from lak, AMAZONDOTCOM and M.D. James.

For the 197th instalment of our mix series, the producer turns in a wiggy, spaced out excursion filled with curveballs and strange abstractions that, like their own productions, make for unpredictable and dramatic listening. Sewing mutant sounds that sonically drip through a bubbling viscous liquid, to warped layers of metallic and shimmering textures cresting together, LOFT reaches for catharsis and chaos all at once. Hit the play button above and hold on to the edge of your seat.

BFTT – LOVEME [boygirl]
Oli XL – Power Over Death [Posh Isolation]
Alley Catss – gfx League [DADDYPOWER]
Acre – Android [Opal Tapes]
Chants – Diptych [Astral Plane]
Ṭāriq – HäT GYAL
fukc_boi – Love Letter (U+1F48C)
MICHAELBRAILEY – !Æ data.riven…_fi ˝_ÿÒ_Ji_ =IKEDÂ≤^À≈_›{adiosurf-_]ruˆÜ-ÙHK± lag .%data.px_Sœ˘˙≈_ ł ÊR_˝_ćk ö∏ _IKID§MP_ [poem version]
Sim Hutchins – Nescience Is Not Ignorance VIP [UIQ]
LOFT – thee editt too
p38 – Powerless [Luxury Bucket]
Machine Girl – Hidden Power (∞ x 235BPM Mix)
Dane Law – Hirundinidae IDM TRAP REDUX
DJ Plead – M11 [Decisions]
Clemency – Partition x Choking (Beyonce x KABLAM)
Szare – Crashing
Air Max ’97 – Suede [Decisions]
Reélle – Diamonds Splice