Minor Science

In the four years that Minor Science has been active, the British producer and DJ has demonstrated a clear-eyed and instantly recognisable vision for club music. His first release, 2014’s Noble Gas EP for The Trilogy Tapes, was a set of abstract variations on house music’s theme, but subsequent releases have seen him refine his lightness of touch and will to experiment. The run of releases for Tasker’s Whities imprint, most recently Whities 012 have seen the producer – real name Angus Finlayson – hit upon a sweet-spot where precise, micro detailing meets a rolling physicality, with crowd-pleasing results. These twin qualities – experimentalism, perfectionism – translate into his DJ sets, with Finlayson tracing the outer edge of club music, drawing in ambient and deep-cover left-field sounds.

His instalment for the Crack Mix series, however, is tuned for the sweatiest of dancefloors. The result, according to Finlayson, of a busy year on the road. “I’ve DJed more in 2018 than previously, and this mix is built around tracks, blends and techniques which I’ve road-tested over the year,” he explains over email. “Some sequences of tracks were lifted from particular sets which have stayed with me, at places like Five Miles in London (for Darkroom) and De School in Amsterdam. And some went down badly no matter how many times I tried them out, but I’m convinced they’re good so they went in anyway.”

Charged with fractious energy, forks in the road and what’s technically referred to as lose-your-shit moments, this is Minor Science at the height of his powers.

Tashi Wada with Yoshi Wada and Friends – Ondine [FRKWYS]
Trikk – Modo Ritmico [Optimo Trax]
Dave Turov – Beatlock [CSM]
Ketiov – Rhythm #1 [Running Back]
Bleaching Agent – Albeni [Reposition]
Lurka – Heat Mover [Timedance]
DJ Polo & Lobby – Multiple Palm Tree Emojis [More Time]
NKC – Codeine Crash [Even The Strong]
DJ Gregory & Gregor Salto – Con Alegria [Defected]
Museum – The List (Yaleesa Hall Remix) [Will & Ink]
M.E.S.H. – Inspired by True Story [Self-released]
Hiroaki Iizuka – Drum Unit 2 [Self Reflektion]
Xzavier Stone – Roll 2 tha Door [Fractal Fantasy]
Yaleesa Hall – Woodall 0224 (Simo Cell Remix) [Will & Ink]
Szare – Translocated [Different Circles]
Pierce Warnecke – HDDXenoglossy (And The Machine Spoke) [Raster]
SOPHIE – Not Okay [Transgressive]
DJ Tearz – African Loops (Paul Mac Remix) [Stream]
Ninos Du Brasil – Clelia Clelia [DFA]
Scratchclart – Muhammad Ali (ft. Lady Lykez) [DRMTRK]
Lag – Roler [Mord]
Hoek – Rid [Fog Mountains]
Sully – Stripes on a Tiger Don’t Wash Away [Bastakiya Tapes]
DQ1 – Wear the Crown [Tectonic]
dBridge – Fashion Dread [Sentry]
Donato Dozzy – Cleo [Eerie]

Minor Science plays at Simple Things Festival, Bristol, on 20 October