Murlo has carved out a name for himself as one of the most distinctive producers and DJs around. From cutting edge dancehall cuts, remixes of huge pop tunes and his own glassy, bouncy productions, there’s something for everyone in Murlo’s ambitious output. The Midlands-via-London producer’s journey to becoming an instrumental grime auteur has also seen him gain some serious global attention; as one of only a handful of UK artists signed to Brooklyn-based Mixpak records, Murlo is making his stamp on the world stage.

The root of his success is evident. In an increasingly well-populated genre, Murlo’s sound continues exists in its own world. His evocative interpretation of grime – cherrypicking elements of bashment, dancehall, bassline house and R’n’B – utilises intricate melodies and effervescent energy to create wistful and ‘weightless’ soundscapes. It’s a strikingly vivid style: a vibrant blend of genres that paints a HD picture with bursts of sharpness, stardust strings and chirruping minimalism.

With a sound that blurs the boundaries of pop and experimental effortlessly, Murlo’s mix for us encompasses everything that we love about him; it’s squelchy, glossy and completely addictive. He even drew us his own artwork and it features the DJ plugged into his VR wrapped in a snake with his signature chalice. Not often we get that kind of bonus.

Listen to Murlo’s mix in the player and catch him at Rinse | Born & Bred Festival this weekend.