Having honed her productions in a compact bedroom studio in Tokyo, Powder started garnering attention in European dance circles with her ESP Institute-released EP Highly.

Further co-signs were quick to follow: after meeting him in 2015, Powder found and instant fan in Samo DJ, who invited her to play out in Stockholm and signed her for a brace of releases on Born Free, the label he runs with Sling (more recently, the pair collaborated with 5ive for Will Bankhead’s Trilogy Tapes imprint.)

Around the same time Powder visited Berlin institution Cocktail D’Amore and promptly started working on H, an EP inspired by her experiences at the party.

It’s hard to put a finger on Powder’s distinctive sound- the rolling drums and dubby textures of Highly and the acid-inflected chug of H each have their unique charms- but much of her appeal stems from an ability to weave together sparse rhythmic elements into textural and deeply atmospheric dancefloor bombs.

This approach shines through on her DJ sets as well, and given her increasingly frenetic touring schedule we feel very fortunate to have Powder presenting the latest instalment of the Crack Mix series. It’s a slow burner- Powder gives the tracks plenty of space to breathe and play out- but her flawless selection and deft mixing make for a more than engrossing listen.

Powder appears at Crack Magazine’s party at Motion, Bristol on 5 December. Grab your tickets here.