Fever Ray & The Knife – Mixed by rRoxymore

Across a small but highly impactful catalogue, Karin Dreijer (bka Fever Ray) has built a miniature universe.

To celebrate having her on the cover of our brand new issue, we invited French DJ and musician rRoxymore to produce a patchwork celebration of Dreijer’s work as a soloist and as half of The Knife. It wasn’t a random request – both artists share a boundary-free, genre-melding approach to music and rRoxymore delivered a ‘shaken up’ rework of The Knife’s Without You My Life Would Be Boring in 2014.

That remix, along with a clutch of classics and deep cuts from the Fever Ray cosmos, form the fabric of this collage-style celebration. Highlights from last year’s year-defining Plunge sit alongside dizzying Fuck Buttons remixes and moments from The Knife’s iconic final album, Shaking The Habitual.

Play this loud and read our Issue 85 cover story here.

Follow rRoxymore here. Her next EP will be released via Don’t Be Afraid in April and her residency on Rinse FM begins on 9 February.

Fever Ray – I Don’t Know About You
The Knife – Listen Now
The Knife – Stay Out
Fever Ray – This Country
Fever Ray – Seven (CSS Remix)
The Knife – Pass This On (Shaken Up Version)
The Knife – Ready To Loose
Fever Ray – If I Had a Heart (Fuck Buttons remix)
Fever Ray – Wanna Sip (Sissel Wincent remix)
The Knife – Seeds
The Knife – This is Now
The Knife – Without You My Life Would Be Boring (rRoxymore remix)
The Knife – Fracking Fluid Injection