Originally hailing from Ireland but now based in London, Saoirse’s continued rise to prominence seems appropriate given her tireless work rate both in clubs and behind the scenes.

Frequent gigging across the capital as well as well-received releases for Leftroom and Weekend Circuit have built her a sizable fanbase, netting her a semi-regular slot on Rinse FM as well an increasingly busy international touring schedule.

A fierce critic of fabric’s closure as well as a vocal presence in the campaign to save the embattled venue, Saoirse’s passion for the London club scene is manifest in her close ties to parties such as Half Baked, and Toi Toi. Though as diverse a DJ as any, her approach leans towards the headier, loopier styles championed by the two collectives as evidenced by her Crack Mix- a lush but restrained affair that unfolds beautifully over its seventy-odd minute course.

Catch Saoirse playing all night long at Restless Nights at The Island this weekend