Scott Walker – Mixed by Helm

Last week, news came that Scott Walker had passed away at age 76. His death was confirmed by label 4AD who described the late artist as a genius who had “enriched the live of thousands”. As tributes poured in for Walker online, what became clear was how remarkable his career truly was. Walker’s baritone voice, questioning approach to sound and singular vision influenced and touched generations of artists, from Thom Yorke to Lafawndah.

Born as Noel Scott Engel in Ohio in 1943, Walker was introduced to the world as the singer of The Walker Brothers and quickly became a teen idol. When the group disbanded in 1967, Walker became a solo artist in his own right, releasing acclaimed solo albums – simply titled Scott 1, Scott 2, Scott 3 and Scott 4 – on which he built upon the sound of The Walker Brothers and took it in more challenging directions.

Among the artists paying their respects to Walker is PAN affiliate Helm. In the wake of Walker’s passing, Helm honours the legacy of the auteur with a specialist mix which homes in on the more experimental era in Scott’s career, from 1978’s Nite Flights and onwards.

“I chose this period mainly as I believe it’s when he came into his own as an artist,” Helm says. “Beginning with The Electrician, one of his best, and a track which set the scene in many ways. We then move onto other gems like Evan Parker’s appearance on Climate of the Hunter in Track Six, the hammering weirdness of See You Don’t Bump His Head, the infamous meat-slapping of Clara, his collaboration with Sunn O))) on Soused, some of his OST work and ending with a Bob Dylan cover, from Nashville Skyline, no less.”

“This is some of the most idiosyncratic, beautiful and bizarre music ever made, and if you are listening for the first time then I am truly jealous. Rest in peace.” Hit the play button above, and take a look at the 5 albums that came to define Scott Walker’s career.

01. The Electrician (From Nite Flights)
02. Track Six (From Climate of Hunter)
03. Light (From Pola X)
04. Bouncer See Bouncer… (From Tilt)
05. “See You Don’t Bump His Head” (From Bish Bosch)
06. Dream Sequence (From The Childhood of a Leader OST)
07. Clara (From The Drift)
08. Part 3 (From And Who Shall Go to the Ball? And What Shall Go to the Ball?)
09. Lullaby (From Soused)
10. Dimple (From Bish Bosch)
11. Buzzers (From The Drift)
12. Patriot (A Single) (From Tilt)
13. Sleepwalkers Woman (From Climate of Hunter)
14. I Threw It All Away (From To Have and to Hold OST)