As promoters and selectors, London-based collective SIREN are tuned in to the transformative influence electronic music can carry. Through their parties they promote an agenda of inclusivity and create a DIY space which places women and LGBTQ partygoers at the centre.

Their music policy is diverse and equally centred around atmosphere – an approach they’ve instilled into this bewitching Crack Mix. “Whilst jamming out for this mix, we played a track which reminded us all of a fictional lagoon,” they offered us via email, as a ‘collective description’. “Quickly fixated on this concept, a storyline began to emerge. The mix follows our adventures in the lagoon, from twilight deep into the night, through to sunrise, and the mists of the late morning.”

The resulting work from SIREN DJs is an intoxicating demonstration of the eclecticism of their collective tastes and an enchanting journey through moonlit electronics. Astral minimal sounds, muscular rhythmic breaks and soft pads all build into a bone-rattling breakbeat crescendo.

Put together by Eleanor (bka Moonbow), Sybil and JAY – the epic 90-minute mix was recorded by all three together. “Whilst ironically ending up as a hilarious summary of our ability as a collective to occasionally over-conceptualise things, it’s also a mix we’re really happy with for how it captures the eclectic taste of the DJs within the collective. It can be rare that we’re all in the same place at the same time and so to make this mix feels really special.”

Read a short comment from each of the DJs about their contributions to the mix below.

Eleanor (Moonbow): I play a lot of vaporwave, bass music, breakbeat, and more recently jungle, and tend to lean towards the very melodic side of the genre, as well as generally unexpected genre-blending. This mix includes the world debut of an upcoming single of mine that Ciel remixed and I’d say it fits pretty neatly into that description. I’m so excited for the world to hear its sneak preview here. Everyone deserves to hear Ciel’s sonic magic.

Sybil: I feel music synesthetically in colours and textures, and get very attached to visual narratives when making a mix, the tracks I chose all set a scene as part of the story. I included an all time favourite Meat Beat Manifesto track; it’s strange and wonderful and has never made more sense than in a lagoon. It was really fun to share this process with Eleanor and Jay; I feel blessed to have two close friends with whom I also share a musical understanding and creative wavelength.

JAY: I always bring a certain degree of groovy moodiness to our mixes. Music that explores space and depth fascinates me, which correlates perfectly with the underwater concept we developed for the mix. I’m quite obsessed with playing things on the wrong speed and changing the tempo, so this was a really good opportunity to explore that. The mix also includes my forthcoming single ‘Balsam Drum’ coming out on InterGraded later this month.

Get lost in their feature-length Crack Mix in the player above.

SIREN celebrate their 2nd birthday on the 10th of February at Bloc. with Josey Rebelle, Ciel and Nazira