Sounds of the Russian Underground – Selected by Philipp Gorbachev

This mix by Russian-born DJ and producer Philipp Gorbachev’s begins with the sounds of revolution – literally. It’s a field recording of the 1991 Soviet coup d’état attempt in Moscow. The last attempt of the communists to control USSR. They failed. A new era had begun.

This is the apt starting point for a mix which explores freedom – creative and otherwise – in post-soviet Russia. “Perhaps no other place was more free than Russia after these events,” explains Gorbachev. “They resulted in something that is inert ’til today and is the reason why you still get new fresh music from this place.”

Featuring music spanning the 80s, 90s and 2000s, the mix draws through lines between legendary Russian bands such as Omsk punks Гражданская оборона and new bands like Shortparis and Gorbachev’s new supergroup ДЭКА. There’s no electronic music or techno to be found here, but listening to the unchecked, anything-goes attitudes of these bands perhaps offers context – for those in the West anyway – of Russia’s current, creative surge.

In the words of Gorbachev – “these songs transmit the nerve of freedom, the power of imagination, music with no genre, music that moves, music of an evolving society with no casts and classes, sound of love and pain.”

Field recordings — sounds of revolution
Shortparis — Стыд
ДЭКА — Мазут на асфальте / Oil Slick
Оргазм Нострадамуса — Последние секунды жизни
Малыш и учитель — Косяк-ракета
Маша и медведи — БТ
Гражданская оборона — Осень
Звуки Му — Жуков
Звуки Му — Бронепоезд
Лисичкин Хлеб — Плакать
Соломенные Еноты — Враг своего народа
Матросская Тишина — Город
I Am Above On The Left — 02
Spermadonarz — Скейтборд
STEROID 50333 — По легкому пути
Химера — Zudwa
Коррозия металла — Русская водка