Fast and hard big-room techno from Copenhagen’s DIY polymath.

DJ, producer and founding member of Copenhagen’s Fast Forward collective, Nikolaj Jakosen’s attention is fixed squarely on the world of techno. But he comes from punk. And that ethos in traceable in almost everything Jakosen does. It’s there in the militantly enforced rules of inclusivity at the huge raves Fast Forward puts on, the large and supportive network of artists and organisers that are affiliated with the collective. It’s even there in his look: starkly shaven head and prominent tattoos.

Suffice to say, ever since his days in the long-running Danish punk institution Hjertestop, Jakosen has been guided by a DIY mindset which has, in turn, led him to metal (he was behind the metal festival Heavy Days in Doomtown) and eventually techno, where his influence is as keenly felt as any in the Danish capital.

As Sugar, his output is hard and fast, yes, but still indebted to melody. The relentless stomp of this mix strongly evokes cavernous, camouflage-netted dancefloors while teasing melody and texture into the blend. It was recorded in the BunkerBauer studio and – in Sugar’s own words – is guided by nothing more than “a good mix of the stuff [he] fancies playing, with lots of to-be-released Copehagen stuff, unreleased Sugar tracks and other techno”.

Sugar plays Nebel at Renate, Berlin, 24 May